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Our Process
Software Discovery
Breaking the ice.
During this phase, we learn about the unique challenges your business faces. The better we know your business, the more targeted our software design can be.
Software Design
The grand vision.
Now that we understand the business challenge, we create a high level project scope that defines how we will develop the software solution.
Software Development
Divide and conquer.
Our development team carves the project into manageable software components, and we steadily work toward completion in weekly increments.
Software Support
Tuck it in at night.
A combination of off-the-shelf software monitoring tools and proprietary software diagnostics means the application keeps working and your business keeps operating.

Our Services

Web Applications
Web Applications
Mobile Applications
Mobile Apps
Desktop Applications
Desktop Software
Touchscreen Experiences
Touchscreen Experiences
System Integration
Middleware &
System Integration
Project Rescue
Project Rescue

Some of Our Customers

We integrated LaunchKey's passwordless authentication product with Microsoft Active Directory.
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We created a music video distribution system for one of the world's best known brands.
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We built a high-frequency real-time data collection system with sub-second latency.
Read the Case Study
We developed critical functionality for a new network device management system.

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