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The Problem

LaunchKey, Inc. offers a variety of security services centered around a password-less authentication system. LaunchKey's flagship product is a mobile application which allows users to authenticate to secure services using their personal or company mobile device.

With a need to better serve enterprise customers, LaunchKey aimed to provide a new feature: the ability to automatically synchronize a company's Microsoft Active Directory system with the LaunchKey mobile authentication system. By doing so, this would allow LaunchKey to smoothly integrate with existing security infrastructure — a must-have for large private and public institutions.

We were given several core requirements:

  • Synchronize users and groups within Active Directory to LaunchKey's back-end database.
  • Provide an intuitive configuration and installation user experience.
  • Support a wide variety of Active Directory configurations.
  • Allow system administrators to customize the behavior of the synchronization software.
  • Security of private data given the utmost importance.

Our Solution


With the requirements in mind, we proposed the LaunchKey AD Connector. The AD Connector would have the following main components:

AD Connector Background Service
Background services to communicate with and collect data from the Active Directory domain controllers. Using data collected from the domain controller, the background service relays group and user information over secured channels to LaunchKey's private APIs.
Configuration Tool
An interactive graphical application which allows system administrators to configure and monitor the status of the LaunchKey AD Connector.
Installation Wizard
A guided installation and configuration wizard to enable quick setup of the LaunchKey AD Connector.


We go to great lengths to test all software we build, and this project introduced the added variable of not knowing when or where the software would be installed. While every enterprise environment is different, there are numerous common configurations. We developed a testing approach with these variables in mind.

Virtual Machine Testing Farm
To enable testing as many imaginable configurations as possible, a cluster of virtual machines with varying configurations were provisioned. By using industry knowledge and leveraging existing corporate IT partners, we identified several common configurations and a few uncommon ones, too.
Multiple Operating Systems
Tested on every major Microsoft-supported Windows version, including the upcoming Windows 10 and Windows 10 Server operating systems.
Network Reliability
Network outages and connection deterioration are a hard reality all network-connected software must deal with. Using network simulation software, we tested for resiliency in various situations.
User Capacity & Load Testing
Using mock environments, we simulated Active Directory configurations with multiple domain controllers and thousands of users.


As much as you plan and test, software will always need support. Users have questions, conditions vary and third party products change constantly.

Support Ticket Tracking
We use a ticketing system to track every support request from the time it is reported to the time it is resolved.
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